Create your own rug

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    Customization is a speciality of JW Rugs. It enables us to create the handcrafted rug that perfectly compliments your living or working environment. We can work with your own design or have us work with a designer of your choice. We can work together to modify one of the many designs in our catalogue from the JW collection or our world-renowned in house designers Emma Gardener and Joanna Michalowicz (Asha).

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    Size & Shape

    We’re able to make rugs of almost any size and shape. Please enquire if you have a special requirement.

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    Line Drawing

    We’ll produce an accurate computer-rendered line drawing that indicates the fabric types and colours to be used throughout the design. This will give you a chance to experiment with the design before going into production.

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    Wool-silk blends are available alongside pure wool designs. Our custom rugs are normally made with a 100-knot count though variations in pile height and knot count are available. We also have a wide range of innovative materials and techniques to produce the unique, modern rugs with great visual and tactile appeal.

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    Correctly matching the colours of your rug with the interior of your space is critical. We can accurately match the colour of any sample you bring, fabric or otherwise, against our array of hundreds of colour pods, one-inch squares of pre-dyed wool.

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    Strike off

    Once the line drawing has been agreed, we hand-produce a strike-off for you. A strike-off is a small foot-square sample for you to inspect by eye and touch.

    In our experience, the time taken from the first meeting to the delivery of the strike-off is usually four to five weeks.

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    The time to produce the full-sized rug depends of course on its dimensions, knot count and the complexity of its design. From experience, this can take anywhere from two to six months from approval of the strike-off piece. We can give you a realistic estimate of delivery date when the line drawing has been finalised.